Are you wondering what the prices are in Copenhagen? And do you want to make a budget for an upcoming trip? Then this blog post is just right for you!

Living in Copenhagen has given us the opportunity to study the prices in the city thoroughly. I mean, we spend money here everyday, so we could tell you the prices on a cup of coffee or a metro ride in our sleep.

You’ve probably heard that Copenhagen is pretty expensive – maybe that’s even why you’re reading this article. Well, we won’t sugarcoat it. Copenhagen is super expensive. However, it is possible to visit on a tight budget, which we’ll show you in this article.

We’ll mention the food, drink, museum, activity, transportation, and hotel prices in Copenhagen. And then give you an idea of what it could cost you to make a daily budget for a trip to lovely Copenhagen. Don’t let the prices scare you off from visiting. We got your back!

Food & Drink prices in Copenhagen

One of the most expensive things in Copenhagen are food and drinks – especially the price on drinks are often ridiculously high… Food prices are actually okay considering that the quality of food is typically very good.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect to spend on food and drinks in Copenhagen, we’ve made a list of what we’ve experienced simple, classic items to cost.

Price Guide

  • Café Latte: 37-42 DKK
  • Beer 0,5 L: 50-75 DKK
  • Glass of wine: 55-75 DKK
  • Croissant: 20-26 DKK
  • Sandwich: 50-110 DKK
  • Kebab: 40-60 DKK
  • Hot dog: 32-45 DKK
  • Brunch: 120+ DKK
  • Dinner: 150-300 DKK
Street food from Reffen, Copenhagen
Street food from Reffen

Museum & Activity prices in Copenhagen

Compared to other capital cities in Europe, the prices on museums and activities in Copenhagen aren’t actually too expensive. While we know that it quickly adds up, there are many less expensive and even completely free things to do in the city.

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And if you plan to visit several museums, buildings, and general experiences with entrance fees during your trip, then you should consider getting the Copenhagen Card to save some money.

Below, you’ll find a price list over some of the most classic places to visit, activities, and museums in Copenhagen.

Price Guide

  • Tivoli: 145-429 DKK
  • Glyptoteket: 125 DKK
  • Canal Tour: 50-109 DKK
  • The Round Tower: 40 DKK
  • National Museum of Denmark: 110 DKK
  • National Gallery of Denmark: 120 DKK
  • Tower of Our Saviour’s Church: 65 DKK
  • Christiania Freetown: FREE
  • Copenhagen Zoo: 209 DKK
  • Copenhill: FREE
Attraction in Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen
A ride in Tivoli Gardens

Transportation prices in Copenhagen

The transportation prices in Copenhagen aren’t too bad. If you’re a tourist, then there are mainly 3 ways for you to get around: 1) Take the metro, 2) get a rented bike, or 3) take a taxi.

Getting around with taxi is definitely the most expensive, yet most comfortable way to get around in Copenhagen. Traveling by a rented bike is the most fun and adventurous way to get around. However, the public transportation system is definitely the cheapest and quickest way for you to get from A to B.

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Below is a price list of what you can expect to pay for transportation in Copenhagen – plus a few examples of getting from A to B.

Price Guide

  • Bike rental for 24 hours: 80-155 DKK
  • Metro price for riding 1 zone: 24 DKK
  • Metro Price from Copenhagen Airport to city center: 36 DKK
  • Taxi starting price day time: 39+ DKK
  • Taxi from Copenhagen Airport to city center: Around 300 DKK
Metro in Copenhagen
Taking the Metro in Copenhagen

Accommodation prices in Copenhagen

Accommodation prices in Copenhagen vary a lot depending on whether you want to stay in a luxurious hotel or in a dorm bed in a hostel.

Staying in the city center is probably the best option for first-time visitors. However, the metro runs all night long, so you can easily book something cheaper out of the city center without having to worry about getting back.

Below is a list of accommodation prices in Copenhagen. We did some research on, and this is our estimated overview for a night in a hostel dorm bed or a night in a double room in a hotel. Notice that hotel prices also depends on time of year for your visit and whether you book over the weekend or not.

Price Guide

  • Hostel prices (Friday night): 200-260 DKK
  • Hostel prices (Tuesday night): 140-200 DKK
  • Hotel prices (Friday night): 700-2000 DKK
  • Hotel prices (Tuesday night): 500-1500 DKK
Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen
One of the most famous hotels in Copenhagen: Hotel D’angleterre

How expensive is a trip to Copenhagen?

A lot of things will determine how much a trip to Copenhagen will cost you. Are you here to experience all the great museums and historical buildings? Or are you here to dive into the Nordic cuisine? Maybe you’re here to shop for a new wardrobe?

Either way, we can never fully determine exactly how expensive a trip to Copenhagen will be for you. But we can certainly try.

So, to help you estimate how much you need to save for a trip to Copenhagen, we’ve created 3 different daily budgets where we’ll show you what you could potentially get for each budget. Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea on how expensive your trip to Copenhagen will be.

Daily cost on a tight budget: 500 DKK/65 USD

Are you on a tight budget? Then this is what you could get for 500 DKK (65 USD) on your Copenhagen trip.

You start the day off by enjoying a small breakfast. A croissant and a coffee in 7-Eleven or in a cheap bakery will set you back around 60 DKK. Maybe your accommodation also have breakfast included? Make sure to check it out.

After breakfast, you walk into the city center because you want to save money on transportation. You could take your time to walk around the city center and see all the old, historical buildings like Christiansborg Palace, The City Hall, and The Round Tower. You then decide to visit The Round Tower more in-depth and spend 40 DKK on entrance to the building.

Afterwards, you decide to eat lunch and get a Pita Falafel for 50 DKK before you continue the day. Next stop is a nice walk from Nyhavn, past Amalienborg Palace and the Marble Church, and all the way to the Little Mermaid. Seeing all of these iconic places in Copenhagen is free.

For dinner you go to “Broens Gadekøkken” – a nice street food market close to Nyhavn where you spend 150 DKK on dinner. A great way to end the day before heading back home to your hostel where you sleep for 200 DKK a night.

And that’s how a low daily budget for a trip in Copenhagen could look like for someone who sleeps in a hostel, eat cheap take-away foods, go for the free or cheap sightseeing attractions, and walks to all the destinations – let’s break down the prices:

  • Food & Drinks: 260 DKK
    • Breakfast: 60 DKK
    • Lunch: 50 DKK
    • Dinner: 150 DKK
  • Activities: 40 DKK
  • Transportation: 0 DKK
  • Accommodation: 200 DKK

Total budget for this day = 500 DKK

Daily cost on a mid-range budget: 1500 DKK/200 USD

Do you have a bit more room in your budget? Then this is what you could potentially get for 1500 DKK (200 USD) on a trip to Copenhagen.

You start the day with a cheap breakfast. A coffee and a croissant will set you back around 60 DKK. Just go to a 7-Eleven or find a bakery. After breakfast, you decide to take the metro into the city for 24 DKK.

First thing on the agenda is to see the famous Tivoli Gardens. The entry fee will set you back 145 DKK (and that’s without any rides included). You spend some time walking around in here and enjoy the third oldest functioning amusement park in the world. When you start to get hungry, you go to Tivoli Food Hall and get yourself some lunch for around 120 DKK.

After having experienced Tivoli, you walk to the National Museum of Denmark and pay the entrance fee of 110 DKK. You spend a few hours in here and explore some of the many exhibitions before heading outside again. You walk around the city center before arriving at The Round Tower where you pay the 40 DKK entry fee. You go to the top of the tower and see the incredible view of Copenhagen.

Afterwards, you go to Nyhavn and eat a classic, Danish dinner for around 250 DKK. When the evening is over, you take the metro back to your hotel for 24 DKK and go sleep in your double room for 700 DKK per night.

And that’s how a daily budget could look like for someone who wants to see several attractions in the city, sleep in a hotel, enjoy a restaurant dinner, and take public transportation – let’s break down the prices:

  • Food & Drinks: 430 DKK
    • Breakfast: 60 DKK
    • Lunch: 120 DKK
    • Dinner: 250 DKK
  • Activities: 295 DKK
  • Transportation: 48 DKK
  • Accommodation: 700 DKK

Total budget for this day = 1473 DKK

Daily cost on a high-end budget: 2500 DKK/330 USD

Do you want to go all in on your budget in Copenhagen? Then this is what you could potentially get for 2500 DKK (330 USD) on a trip to Copenhagen.

You start your day with a big breakfast for 150 DKK. Then you take the metro to the city center, pay the entrance fee to Tivoli Gardens, and then spend some hours walking around the park and trying out a few rides. You spend a total of 250 DKK. Before you leave Tivoli, you also eat a 250 DKK lunch in one of the amusement park’s restaurants.

From Tivoli, you walk to Glyptoteket to see the amazing art collection. You spend 125 DKK on the entrance fee. When you’re ready to move on after a couple of hours, you go on a walk from Glyptoteket to Our Saviour’s Church in Christianshavn. You pay the 65 DKK entrance fee and walk up the spiral tower to experience the best view of Copenhagen.

You then spend around 75 DKK on a taxi back to the city center where you enjoy a nice dinner for 350 DKK before going back to your 4-star hotel where you pay 1200 DKK per night.

And that’s how a daily budget could look for somebody who wants to splurge on experiences, food, transportation, and a nice hotel – let’s break down the prices:

  • Food & Drinks: 750 DKK
    • Breakfast: 150 DKK
    • Lunch: 250 DKK
    • Dinner: 350 DKK
  • Activities: 440 DKK
  • Transportation: 99 DKK
  • Accommodation: 1200 DKK

Total budget for this day = 2489 DKK

6 Tips to save money in Copenhagen

We know that the prices in Copenhagen may seem very expensive for some people – and let’s face it, they are. BUT, one of the main takes from this blog post is that it’s possible to travel on many different budgets – also tight ones.

So let’s wrap it up by listing a couple of great tips for saving money while visiting in one of the most expensive capitals in the world:

  1. Walk everywhere! Copenhagen’s city center can easily be explored by foot. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on transportation here. One of the city’s biggest beauties is also to experience its atmosphere, its old buildings and squares, and its canals on foot.
  2. Eat cheap! You can easily save money by finding cheap eats in the city. Here are some of our favourite go-to’s when we’re in the city center: The green sausage stall by The Round Tower and Pita Nordic in Gothersgade.
  3. Don’t drink! As little fun as it sounds, it’s really the biggest way of saving money in Copenhagen. The drinks are often half the price of the food in the restaurants, which is just ridiculous. It goes for sodas, bottled water, coffee, wine, and beer. Although, we do have GREAT coffee in Copenhagen – make sure to try one.
  4. Supermarket snacks! One of the best ways to save a bit of money is to get some mid-day snacks and drinks in the supermarket. There are many supermarkets located around the city, just look it up on Google Maps. Here are some of the chains you can find in here: Netto, Føtex Food and Superbrugsen.
  5. Free attractions! One of the best things to experience in Copenhagen are the old buildings and squares. Luckily, watching these from the outside are completely free. Others are very cheap to enter like the Round Tower. You can also find many free parks and gardens around the city. And don’t forget that it’s completely free to visit the Little Mermaid Statue.
  6. Cheap hostels! Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses on a trip to Copenhagen. You can save a lot of money by staying in a hostel. Although, if you’re two people, then opting for a private double room won’t be that much more expensive since you will share the price.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this blog post about the prices in Copenhagen, and that it gave you an idea of what to budget for your next trip. If you have any questions, then please leave a comment below.

Copenhagen is such a lovely city. Enjoy it!

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