Do you want to plan a trip to Copenhagen but wondering where to begin? We got your back!

Before we decided to settle in Copenhagen, we’ve traveled to many places around the world. So we know how planning ahead can benefit you in many ways – you can save a lot of money on flights and hotels, plus knowing it will happen makes it possible to stay excited and look forward to the trip.

There are many things to think about when you start to plan a trip – especially if it’s your first time somewhere new. That’s why we’ve made this list for you, which will take you through 11 easy steps to plan a trip to Copenhagen.

Now let’s get planning!

Plan a trip to Copenhagen step-by-step

1. Plan when you want visit Copenhagen

When planning any kind of trip, there is often a time frame involved of when it’s possible to take time off work (or other important factors) to actually make it possible to go travel. So the first thing you should do is to plan when you want to visit Copenhagen.

In our opinion, late spring is the absolute best time to enjoy Copenhagen. However, that doesn’t mean that you should skip our beautiful city if you plan on visiting during any other season. Because there is always something to see or do in Copenhagen!

Even during winter, the coffee bars are full of cozy candle lights and people sipping coffee while enjoying each other’s company. This is when you can experience real Danish “Hygge”. There is also a lot of Christmas markets all over the city during December, and even an incredible light festival in February. So don’t write off this cold and grey time of year just yet!

Anyways, your first step in the planning process should be to set your time frame of when you can actually go to Copenhagen. Decide when you think it’s possible to go on this trip, and start planning the rest.

Cherry blossoming Copenhagen - Plan when to visit
Copenhagen is popular during the cherry (Sakura) blossoming in late April – absolutely beautiful!

2. Decide how long you want to stay

Now that you know when you can go to Copenhagen, then your next step should be to plan for how long you want to stay. It’s important to determine the length of your trip to Copenhagen so that you can plan the rest of the steps.

So are we talking about a weekend trip, a full week, or maybe two weeks?

When you combine step 1 (when to visit) and step 2 (how long to visit), you have already set a time frame for this trip and given yourself some possible travel dates. So now we can move on to the next step!

3. Make a budget for your trip

Copenhagen is not exactly a cheap destination to visit, so it’s important that you start to look into how much money you plan to spend on this trip.

Create an overall (or a daily) budget for your trip and evaluate whether this is realistic for Copenhagen. If it’s you first time in Copenhagen, then it can be hard to plan a budget. So read our blog post about prices in Copenhagen, if you need any help.

It’s of course your own decision whether or not you want to plan a budget, but we just want you to be prepared for the high prices. That way, you have time to save up enough money before your trip.

4. Book your flights

All right, now the fun begins! With your set time frame and your savings in hand, it’s time to start booking your trip to Copenhagen.

The first thing that we like to do is to book the flights. Once the flights are booked, you know the trip will actually happen, and you have a specific travel date to look forward to.

We always use or when we’re looking at flight deals. However, we often end up booking directly at the airlines’ website. Most big airlines fly to Copenhagen including Lufthansa, KLM, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Delta, and many more! If you travel from somewhere in Europe or United States, then check out Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) – an airline with many flights to and from Scandinavia.

If you live in a country close to Denmark, then you can also take the train or jump on a bus. You can easily book trains and buses from cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Oslo, and Stockholm.

Once you got your ticket to Copenhagen, we can move on to the next step of your planning.

5. Book your accommodation

It’s time to plan where you’re going to stay while visiting Copenhagen. It’s always a good idea to book accommodation as early as possible since the good hotels and hostels often sell out quickly.

Sometimes you can get lucky with a last-minute deal, but you may also be unlucky and only get the lesser nice (and often more expensive) hotels that are left. So we advice you to book as early as possible.

We use It’s our favorite platform to find accommodation, and we always use it when we go travel. It’s easy to set up an account and several bookings can give you a Genius status, which can save you money on hotels. also price match hotels, so if you find your accommodation cheaper somewhere else, then you can claim a refund for the difference.

We would advice you to book a hotel somewhere in the city center if it’s your first time in Copenhagen. Or at least somewhere close to the metro lines – that way, you can easily get around the city.

6. Get a visa if needed

Now that you have your flight tickets and your accommodation booked, it’s pretty important that you make sure that you can actually enter the country.

You of course don’t need a tourist visa if you’re from a Schengen country – or from any other country that are exempt from tourist visas.

But make sure to check out the visa rules before your trip. I advice you to check this out as soon as possible, so you don’t find out that you need a visa at the last moment – and then you may not have enough time to get one.

Here is the official Danish website where you can find out all about visa rules and how to apply: New to Denmark

7. Buy travel insurance

Another really important step in planning a trip to Copenhagen is to look at travel insurance. You should always make sure that you have a travel insurance when you go anywhere outside of your own country – I cannot recommend this enough.

I (Cecilie) already used mine 3 times during our travels in Thailand, Bolivia, and Greece. All 3 times I got sick and needed medical help, and I was grateful to be able to just call my travel insurance and have them help me out.

So check up on your travel insurance before your trip. If you have already left your country before you buy travel insurance, then you may not be covered. The rules are of course different from company to company, but please make sure you’re fully covered if anything happens to you on your trip.

8. Plan activities & things to do

All right, let’s move on to the most fun part of planning a trip to Copenhagen! In this step, you’re done with the heavy planning, and you need to start looking forward to all the things you want to see and do.

Copenhagen is full of attractions and activities. Did you for example know that there are several palaces that you can visit during your trip? Or that one of the World’s oldest functioning amusement parks are located in the heart of the city? Or maybe you can’t wait to visit one of the many museums and learn about Danish design, art, or history? It’s your choice!

If you don’t know where to start planning your activities, then check out this blog post: 35 things to do in Copenhagen – hopefully we can inspire you.

What to plan to see in Copenhagen
We absolutely love Tivoli Gardens at night

9. Get a Copenhagen Card

If you’ve already planned a few things to do in Copenhagen, then it’s worth looking into getting the Copenhagen Card.

The Copenhagen Card gives you free access to 89 attractions all over the city such as Tivoli Gardens, The Round Tower, Rosenborg Castle, the National Museum of Denmark, a canal tour, the zoo, and many many many other attractions.

On top of that, you can use the public transportation in Copenhagen for free! Read more about how to get around with public transportation here.

Last but not least, one adult can bring 2 children up to 11 years old with them for free! Children between 3-11 years old just need to hold their own Copenhagen cards – but they are free to get.

The price on the Copenhagen Card depends on the amount of time you need it for. Below is a timetable of the prices in 2022:

24 hours48 hours72 hours96 hours120 hours
439 DKK/59 EUR649 DKK/88 EUR799 DKK/108 EUR929 DKK/125 EUR1049 DKK/141 EUR

10. Start packing

So you’ve planned most of your trip to Copenhagen by now, but you still need to decide on what to put in the suitcase. During this step, we’ll quickly guide you through what to pack for a trip to Copenhagen.

While there is no need for us to remind you to bring your passport (come on, that should already be on the top of your list), we do know that it can be hard to decide on what clothes to pack.

During winter in Copenhagen you really need to dress yourself in warm clothes if want to enjoy being outside. That means a warm jacket, appropriate shoes for winter, gloves, a scarf, and a hat. The temperature is often around 0 degrees celcius, but it’s the cold wind that often gets to you. So dress yourself in some warm clothes!

During spring in Copenhagen, you need to dress in layers. While the mornings and evenings can be really cold, the temperature often goes up to a comfortable degree during the day. However, the spring can also be really wet, so make sure to bring both your sunglasses and your rain jacket.

During summer you don’t need anything but light clothes: Shorts, dresses, light jackets, sandals, sneakers, sunglasses, and such. The weather is very comfortable during the summer, and you often don’t need to wear a jacket. Remember to bring your swimsuit if you plan to go for a dip in one of the many harbour baths in Copenhagen.

During fall, you should pack like during spring – There are both beautiful sunny days and grey rainy days.

Girl with a suitcase in Copenhagen
Fill your suitcase and get going!

11. Enjoy Copenhagen!

The final step in this guide on how to plan a trip to Copenhagen is pretty easy – it’s for you to go and enjoy our lovely city! Copenhagen has so much to offer, and we hope you will have an amazing time exploring the beautiful capital of Denmark.

And don’t hesitate to ask us questions in the comment section below. We’ll gladly answer any planning questions you may have – at least we promise to do our best. Enjoy your trip!

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