Are you going to Copenhagen, but wondering how to get around?

We get it. Copenhagen is full of public transportation options, but it can be hard to navigate in a new city. That’s why we made this little guide for you.

So here it is. Our full guide on how to get around in Copenhagen with public transportation. First, we’ll give you some practical information on how to get tickets to the public transportation system in Copenhagen, then we’ll show you the 5 ways you can get around, and then end this article with a few alternative forms of transportation.

We hope it’ll be useful for your next trip to beautiful Copenhagen.

How to get tickets for public transport in Copenhagen

Before I dive into all the ways to get around Copenhagen, I first want to cover how the ticket system works in the public transportation system. There are basically 3 types of tickets that you can buy for your trip to Copenhagen: Single-trip tickets, City Pass, and Copenhagen Card.

Single-trip ticket

The cost of the ticket depends on the amount of zones that you travel to. Copenhagen only expands to 3 zones, so you’ll never pay more than the price of 3 zones unless you venture out of Copenhagen and its neighborhoods.

The great thing about the public transportation system in Copenhagen (and Denmark in general) is that all forms of transportation cooperate. So if you buy a ticket going from A to B, then you can both use that ticket for the bus, metro and train.

Here are the cost of a single-trip ticket in Copenhagen (2022) according to the number of zones travelled:

Number of zones2345678
Price in DKK24,-36,-48,-60,-68,-76,-84,-

Example: If you buy a single-trip ticket from Copenhagen Airport to Copenhagen City Center, then you will have to pay 36,- because you travel in-between 3 zones. If you don’t venture out of Copenhagen, then you will not have to pay more for a single-trip ticket.

City Pass Small

If you buy the City Pass Small, then you will have full access to travel in Zone 1-4 (all of Copenhagen + more) within a specific time range. Therefore, you should only buy the City Pass just before you start using the public transportation.

You should buy the City Pass if you want to take full advantage of the public transportation in Copenhagen since there is no limit to the amount of times you can ride the metro. You can buy the City Pass at the station or with the “DOT Tickets” App.

Here are the City Pass prices (2022):

Number of hours24487296120
Price in DKK80,-150,-200,-250,-300,-

Pro tip: Buy your City Pass when you arrive at Copenhagen Airport and start riding the public transportation from the beginning of your trip.

Copenhagen Card

The Copenhagen Card is the best option for those who wants to have FULL access to the public transportation in Copenhagen AND to 89 attractions in the city.

So if it’s your first time in Copenhagen and you want to use the public transportation as much as possible and visit the Round Tower, take a canal tour, visit the national museum, or maybe Rosenborg Castle? Then the Copenhagen Card is the best option for you.

Here are the prices for the Copenhagen Card (2022):

Number of hours24487296120
Price in DKK439,-649,-799,-929,-1049,-

5 ways to get around Copenhagen with public transport

By Metro

In my opinion, the metro is the most efficient way to get around the city of Copenhagen. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s everywhere.

There are 4 metro lines in Copenhagen called M1, M2, M3 & M4. They all have different destinations that takes you to all the corners of the city. You’ll find a metro station by the big, red “M” signs scattered all over the city.

Unlike the other forms of transportation, the metro runs all night long, so it’s no trouble returning to your hotel in the middle of the night or catching an early morning flight at 5 AM.

Metro Copenhagen Public Transport

By S-Train

The S-Trains are the iconic red trains that are found all over the city. There are 7 different S-train lines that can take you quickly between the main stations such as Østerport, Nørreport, Vesterport & København H (Copenhagen Central Station).

The S-trains cover 89 stations in total, and most of the lines can easily get you to the cities that are located close to Copenhagen.

Interesting places to go with the S-train from Copenhagen: Hillerød (visit the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle) or Klampenborg (visit Dyrehavsbakken – the oldest amusement park in the world).

S-train Copenhagen Public transport

By Regional Train

There are several regional trains that can take you around Denmark. It’s not really common to use these trains if you just want to visit Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.

However, it’s possible to ride the regional train directly from the Airport to Copenhagen Central Station, so if you’re staying near the central station, then you might think about using the regional train to get there.

Interesting places to go with the regional train from Copenhagen: Helsingør (visit the incredible Kronborg Castle by the ocean) or Roskilde (visit the famous cathedral or the viking ship museum).

Regional train Copenhagen Public transport

By Bus

Unlike the metro and the trains, you can easily spot the buses in the cityscape. It’s a vehicle not to be missed with its bright yellow color, and it’s a better way to experience the city than with metro and train where you don’t see much on the way.

You can easily jump on the buses in Copenhagen with your Copenhagen Card or City Pass. If you just want to purchase a single-trip ticket, then you can buy one from the chauffeur (just make sure to have small Danish change ready – no big bills are accepted).

Bus Copenhagen Public transport

By Harbour Bus

The most unique form of transportation in Copenhagen is the harbour bus. Oh yes, it’s just as cool as it sounds!

The harbour bus (also known as the “Havnebus”) runs along the big canal in Copenhagen, and it takes you to several spots around the city. You’ll notice it by its yellow, bright color – just like the regular buses in Copenhagen.

The harbour bus is undoubtedly the most fun way to get around in Copenhagen! It’s a great and affordable way to experience the city from the ocean.

Harbour Bus boat Copenhagen Public transport

Other ways to get around Copenhagen

By Bicycle

The most popular way to get around Copenhagen is by bike. Did you know that there are actually 5 times more bikes than cars in the city?! Needless to say, it’s the most popular way to travel around in Copenhagen.

We also think that the bike culture is one of the most unique things about the city, and definitely one of the main reasons why you should visit Copenhagen.

There are several places you can rent a bike in Copenhagen – just ask your hotel for recommendations near you (they might even offer bike rental themselves!)

Rent bicycle Copenhagen transport

By taxi

The most quick and convenient – but also the most expensive way to get around Copenhagen is by taxi. There are several taxi companies operating all over the city, and you can easily spot them.

The taxis in Copenhagen are legit, and everyone has a meter, so there is no need to haggle here! Just get in and enjoy the ride through the city.

I once paid 300,- for a taxi from the Østerbro neighborhood in Copenhagen to the Airport (which was an excellent price for not missing our flight in a moment of panic!)

Taxi Copenhagen transport - how to get around easily

By walking

Copenhagen isn’t really a massive city, so you can easily walk from point A to point B. In fact, the city is really well-designed for walking with good sidewalks everywhere and plenty of pedestrian crossings.

Walking around Copenhagen is one of the best ways to experience all the small things that you don’t see when taking public transportation – such as window shopping or enjoying the smell coming from a shawarma house.

However, if you don’t have a lot of time, then this option isn’t great since walking takes a long time. But I still wanted to add this alternative option because we absolutely LOVE to stroll around Copenhagen during our days off work.

Walking in Copenhagen is the best way to get around

We sincerely hope you found this blog post useful, and that you are more confident about how to get around Copenhagen by now. If you’re still in the planning stages of your trip, then check out the following blog posts that may help you:

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